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Raini Peters Interiors is a multidisciplinary Interior Design, styling, and decorating practice based in Berlin and online.
Providing unique and cohesive solutions that embrace the principles of holistic, spatial and biophilic design and feature sustainable and ethically sourced products. Intentional design that has a meaningful positive impact in all aspects of your life.


"an interior is the natural projection of the soul."
- coco chanel -


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"nature, space, lines, light, colour, texture, pattern and form are reflected in my organic style of design. Taking cues from nature's circadian rhythm to set the tone for a healthy, holistic home that supports your lifestyle.

- Raini Peters -




I've started work with Raini to re-style all rooms in my 3-bedroom apartment (incl the kitchen and bathroom). Raini helped me to determine how to use which room, to install a new office and change the overall mood of my place to express my personality. I've been super impressed by how Raini has captured my mood and my taste/style and has recommended amazing changes that have transformed my place into exactly what I wanted. And we've been doing it all online, which I was initially reluctant to use, but it's worked super well and easily, and it's hard to believe Raini has never physically been to my place (yet). Strong recommendation for personalised service, using only the highest and most sustainable standards! Thank you,
Raini - so worth every penny!

Anna Naether -


Having now worked with Raini on my second Interior Design project I can highly recommend her abilities as an interior designer. Our first project together was my own apartment in Berlin where she created a design concept that not only reflected my personality and character but also worked with me on my budget. The second project was in Hamburg for one of my company’s furniture stores. On both projects, she created bespoke furniture items in which my company Holzconnection was then able to produce. Given this year of COVID, we were able to do all of this online (E-Design) so I never actually met Raini in person.

Nonetheless, she could still deliver the highest level of service with clear communication within very tight deadlines. She is very insightful, friendly and full of creative ideas and positive energy. I plan to work with her again on my up-and-coming projects.


Denys Nagel -


I hired Raini to redesign my apartment. I have been living in this apartment for 5 years but I never had the feeling that was the space I wanted to live in. Raini patiently listened to all my ideas, concerns and stories and she was able to extrapolate from them a design that really represents me.
Raini is extremely engaging, full of energy and always ready to answer your questions. She also has a very good network of workers and furniture providers contacts, so you are fully covered for your project. I definitely can recommend working with Raini, she is going to deliver to you the space you always wanted to live in.

​– Michele Bursi -

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