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Interior Design + Styling

Berlin-based designing internationally

Raini is a qualified interior designer and stylist based in Berlin, where she now runs her own eco-conscious, biophilic, sustainable, multi-disciplinary Interior design, Edesign & styling practice.

Founded in 2015, the Berlin-based company evolved organically, leading with designs that allowed her clients to thrive in their spaces.

Raini has worked on residential and commercial renovations, remodels, and new builds. She completed projects for a range of Berlin-based and international clients. Her ability to understand the unique needs of each client's psychology is at the forefront of her design approach. 


Thriving on E design Raini is a friendly professional consultant, paring her dynamic, natural eclectic design style with her services in concept and design development, furniture sourcing, FF&E, colours, procurement and styling. 


She has worked creating content and campaigns with top London stylists and German brands that share similar sustainability views. Recently her work has been featured in House & Garden, The world of Interiors, Cube and many more interior and architectural magazines across Europe.  

Born to well-travelled, consciously aware parents, Raini was surrounded by art, beauty, nature and design during her formative years and so naturally followed a creative career path, working as a graphic designer before gravitating to interiors - a world of form, texture, colour, patterns, and balance that was no stranger to her.


At the heart of her approach to design is a genuine desire to promote a simplified, positive, healthy and sustainable way of life. Raini wants people to feel productive and rejuvenated in the spaces she creates. She is also deeply committed to sustainable and ethical design practices and encourages conscious consumerism. Raini works with local designers while supporting artisans in developing countries by ensuring that all products she uses are sourced ethically and responsibly as much as possible.

Growing up in the Australian bush, Raini was immersed in nature, and the love she developed for natural forms and colours is a constant presence in her work. She strongly embraces a minimalist and biophilic design approach in her design process to create beautiful, comfortable, functional, and positive spaces that improve the connection between her clients and nature. 

''There is no better designer than nature.''

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